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Tools Used: Articulate Storyline

Related Deliverables: Design Document, Storyboard, Script, and Job Aid

Project Summary: A successful onboarding program can impact employee retention, job satisfaction levels, and employees’ proficiency and ability to achieve stated goals and results. This training was designed to address a lack of structure in the onboarding process and inconsistency in the onboarding being provided amongst managers to new employees. Training the managers on key components of a successful onboarding experience will create an improved onboarding process that is structured and consistent across the organization. It will also lead to higher satisfaction levels from new employees regarding their onboarding experience. They will be better prepared for their role within the company, which may impact employee retention and proficiency. 

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline

Project Summary: This sample custom interaction in Storyline was created to utilize gamification within the learning experience. After reviewing content on instructional design models and approaches, including ADDIE, SAM, and AGILE, learners are presented with this crossword puzzle to solve, utilizing the content they just learned. Optional hints are available to support learners who need them.

Tools Used: Articulate Rise

Related Deliverables: Design Document

Project Summary: This training was designed as an annual compliance requirement to reach employees at multiple business locations, some with trained first responders and some without. The goal was to provide all employees with a fundamental knowledge of fire safety and their role in preventing and responding to fire emergencies. Training the employees on fire safety will decrease potential instances of fires and will allow all employees to know the proper techniques to use in responding to fire emergencies.